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Etre une boutique en ligne nous permet de toucher le maximum de personnes. Alors oui c’est génial mais c'est frustrant de ne pas vous rencontrer !

Heureusement, il existe des évènements, des marchés, des salons qui nous rassemblent. Et devinez quoi ? On ADORE y participer !

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A family

We build Bad Doggies as a family. Miya, Elvis, and our faithful Drago 🥰 Being a small business allows us to pay special attention to each customer and each order.

A passion

We draw inspiration from what we share with Drago to highlight the unique relationship between humans and their dogs. Our passion for them is ingrained in every seam of our creations.

A challenge

Our adventure began less than a year ago . Our big challenge is to offer clothing that is explicit enough to represent your dogs and incredibly trendy to be worn everywhere.

Drago Malinois - Berger Belge de

June 2022

Arrival of Draco

Some time ago, when we finally settled in our house with a pretty garden, we wanted someone to come and dig holes in it… So we went to meet Drago, our magnificent Malinois. Our first dog.

We immediately fell in love with this breed, elegant and authentic. At that precise moment, we knew that our life would never be the same again and that he was going to become our best friend. Well… more like our first child 😂

We were determined to create a close and harmonious relationship with him, we spent hours and hours observing, studying, learning and discovering Draco 's needs.

Each of these moments spent working, playing and having my forearm bitten reinforced a nascent bond that today has become unbreakable. Draco changed our existence forever.

Drago Malinois qui regarde la boutique en ligne

January 2023

Birth of the store

We decided to create something special in his honor, something for all Malinois owners (and parents!) who, like us, have a deep affection for their dog.

The idea was to build something that goes beyond the creation of a brand, and to use textiles to pay tribute to our faithful Drago but also to all the Malinois who bring love, joy, and fulfillment to their master every day. .

Very quickly, we were touched by our incredible emerging community . Your positive feedback, your photos wearing our products, and your daily encouragement have continued to inspire us .

That's when we realized our mission went beyond our love for Malinois.

September 2023

Our Adventure Continues

Our little shop, which was once exclusively dedicated to Malinois, has evolved thanks to you .

Our product line has expanded to include a variety of clothing for all dog lovers, of all breeds and backgrounds. Always with the same love and passion as when we created our first piece in honor of Drago .

We also had the chance to collaborate with associations , support events , and share activities that strengthened our bond with you .

Our adventure goes far beyond the simple status of a clothing brand, it embodies a community united by a common passion: our dogs.

Thank you for being here, for being part of this incredible adventure , and we can't wait to continue growing with you, as Bad Doggies 🐾

Drago Malinois et son copain chien Mako en balade

What if we met?

Well, you understand, we love dogs , and we know you do too. That's why we have a great idea :

What if we got together to share a walk near Bordeaux?

If you're in the area, send us a message 🐾🐕

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Drago Malinois et son maître de
Drago Malinois et sa maîtresse de
malinois assis et attentif

Bad Doggies is:

Pay tribute to our dogs that we love so much, promote the unconditional love they give us and provide quality products so that you can represent them with pride.

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